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Advent is Coming!

Looking Forward to the New (Liturgical) Year

I have often thought about going back and using previous reflections on the daily mass readings in some sort of book form. I tried it a long time ago, and it ended up being something that was worked on by a few people. A book was formatted, but I could never take the next step in getting it published.

Now, many years later, I had the thought again. This time, it started with the thought that it would be nice if someone did a devotional for Ordinary Time. I was thinking something along the lines of, "Ordinary Thoughts in Ordinary Time" (or something clever like that).

In preparation for that, I started looking at the past scripture reflections from the Advent seasons prior to. It has been a good "retrospective" look back at things.

I started putting the text together and you can read it on Google Docs (Advent Reflections). I am also thinking about printing a small book form if time and money are available.

The format is that it starts with a pull quote from one of the reflections to help get into the reflection mode, then it includes a full "Dawg's Thought" reflection, and finally it ends with a prayer from a different reflection. If there wasn't a prayer / reflection from that day, well ... we'll cross that bridge when it comes around.

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