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God's Free Will

Do We Respect His Free Will As Much As He Respects Ours

"God doesn't demand from us, but rather gives us the free will. Do we give God that freedom? Do we give God the permission to use His free will to bless us as He desires?" - From Dawg's Thought, reflection for 11/8/11 (Luke 17: 7-10)

I think that most of us grew up in a time that when you did something, you normally got a reward for it. If you got good grades, there was normally a surprise waiting for you like a trip to get pizza where they also have a video arcade (back in the day it was Chuck E Cheese; now it seems like it is Peter Piper Pizza).

Yet, there comes a time when you the trips to Chuck E. Cheese becomes a thing of the past; a time when doing something good is the reward in itself.

I used to think that it was all about maturity, but I'm starting to wonder. After all, when I read about those who did the will of God and are now with Him in heaven, they were obedient because it was the right thing to do. They didn't expect God to give them a reward immediately because they did good; the reward was living a holy life, and in living a holy life, they would be welcomed into Heaven.

I think about the times that I have served in ministry. There was a time when I quit my job and worked full-time at Maggie's Place, a home for expectant women living on the streets. I never got a grand reward, but I was able to pay my bills on time, which at the time included my car payment. Although I was only making a stipend, I was able to at least go out occasionally. He provided in the way that He desired.

In His way, God provided for me in my need. In His own unique way, He chooses to bless us, whether we are in abundance or want (and it seems that most of the time, it's want). Do we respect this, or do we want more? If a time of want is what He gives us, do we not only accept this, but do we rejoice in this? Do we trust Him enough that He IS providing?

Do we respect His free will as much as He respects ours?

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