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Lenten Gospel Acclamation - USCCB Approved

Approved one day before Ash Wednesday

"Well, I know it's kinda late; I hope I didn't wake you ... " - Jim Croce

I was so excited that I got ICEL approval, but then when I sent over the Lenten Gospel Acclamation I wrote over to the USCCB, they said that it was the wrong verse (later I realized that the Amos verse is a common verse for weekday Mass). So, I decided to rewrite it and got it approved this morning. I updated the link to the Lenten Gospel Acclamation chart.

I know it is late and I know that most music ministries have one selected already. But, there is one parish that will be using the Mass of the Immaculate Conception starting this Sunday and I will be using it for the upcoming CRYS retreat (Palm Sunday weekend).

So, here it is ...

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