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Resurrection Eggs

A way for kids to learn more about the faith

I am a co-director for an upcoming young adult retreat and, when the retreat is done, our team is going to help with the Easter egg hunt at Christ the King in Mesa.

The pastor, Fr. Steve Kunkel, asked if we could do Resurrection Eggs, which is something I've never heard of. My fiance, Christie, is also a co-director for the retreat. She recently was able to get a hold of a set of eggs from Church of the Resurrection in Tempe, where we teach Sacramental Preparation. Here are the symbols:

  • Blue, little donkey (mt 21:1-3; 6-8) - The donkey Jesus rode in in Palm Sunday
  • Light Pink, Silver coins (mt 26:14-16) - the money Judas used to betray Jesus
  • Light Purple, Cup (mt 26:27-28) - the cup with the wine of His blood.
  • Orange, Praying hands (mk 14:32-34) - Garden of Gethsemene
  • Green, leather whip (jn 19:1) - the scourging
  • Yellow, crown of thorns (mt 27:27-29)
  • Light Orange, nails in the cross (jn 19:16-18)
  • Light Green, die (jn 19:23-24) - for his garments they cast lots... He prayed (lk 23:34)
  • Purple, spear (jn 19:32-34) - blood and water gushed forth from his side...
  • Light Blue, linen cloth (mt 27:57-60) - Joseph of Aremethea buried Jesus body
  • Pink, stone (mt 28:2-4) - roll away the stone
  • White, empty (mt 28:5-6) - Jesus is Risen!

I've never heard of this, but what a great way to help teach the faith!

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