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Beautiful Me

From the Polk Street Band Days

A blast from the past ...

Ah the memories! Inspired by a video recording setup I had in my house, I decided to give this song a try. It has been a while since playing it. Probably the last time was when Steve Phelan came into town.

It reminds me of old time with Polk Street. It also reminds me of a time when I felt like I was on fire writing music. It's a great passion to have.

This was the one song I wish everyone in the world could hear. If I ever had a message, this would be the song. I remember playing this for anyone who would listen. I still remember when I played this song for a man who had no home. He was walking and called out to me, "hey, guitar man." I took out my guitar and played it for him. In the end, he had some tears in his eyes and said that it reminded him of listening to Elvis.

There was another time in Cafe Fiat. A family came in while I was playing a set one night. I usually closed with this song. In the end, there was a woman who wasn't Catholic who came up to me and handed me $20. She told me that it was something she really needed to hear at this time in her life. Her eyes were filled with tears as well. I don't know what was going on in her life at the time, but I know that I could pray for her.

This song will always remind me of the power of music. There is one other song from the Polk Street Band days ... More Than Society's Label. When I get a chance I'll record that one too for YouTube.

It is good to be thankful for God's gifts ... even when they don't seem to play much of a role in your life now. We are indeed blessed, aren't we?

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