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I got an email last night from Greg Hebert, the music director at St. Thomas the Apostle in Phoenix, AZ. He's a very talented music director and a genuinely good man of God!

The email was a link to which is a project for those who have written compositions to share their work publicly. Hopefully, this is a project that other Catholic musicians can get on board with as this! Currently, there two posters who have posted works on the website.

I will upload a few of the charts I've created, which would mean that some of the charts that you can purchase here may make an appearance on that website as well. I'm not sure which ones yet. My current thought is Body of Christ and Opened the Heavens ... but Beautiful to Be is another thought. The Roman Missal Setting I wrote will make its way on there as well.

Sharing ideas is the one way that hopefully more parishes will start using works from Catholic composers. It reminds me of the Dawg's Thought reflection for today (that is written the day before) on the Parable of the Landowner. What struck me was that the Landowner "sent his servants to the tenants to obtain his produce." If we are truly bearing fruit, such as music to be used in the Liturgy, why are we not offering it Our Lord's servants (the congregation and the clergy) as "produce" that truly belongs to God?

May God be glorified!

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    I am a Catholic composer and musician. My compositions include music written for the Polk Street Band, a Mass setting (Mass of the Immaculate Conception) and Antiphon settings for the full year that are geared toward contemporary ensembles. As a musician, I am a bassist and guitarist for Catholic recording artists and bluegrass bands.