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A few weeks ago, I had the blessing of being a part of a retreat as a musician (bassist) and a small group leader. The retreat was for St. Jerome Catholic Church.

One week later, we met with our small group to see how their week went. For some, it sounded like their week was difficult and it always seems this way when you come down from the retreat high.

A few minutes ago, I just got off of the phone with good friend of mine who has worked on a few retreat teams recently and it reminded me to jot down some words for those who have just come back from a retreat ...

1. It is when you don't feel like praying when you really need to pray.

2. Applying what you learn on retreat is like building up your muscles: it will hurt at first even with light weight. It may even leave you feeling sore. Yet, when you've established the habit, working out feels good and bears good results.

3. The "sensation" of the retreat experience may not be there when you go to adoration, but it is the same God who is there. Use the gift of memory to help bring you before Our Lord ... not merely to try to recreate the experience.

4. We are made for communion ... communion with Our Lord ... and well as being called to community. On retreats, you're put into small groups. Find or create a group that you can be a part of.

5. Tell people how God has worked in your life. On retreats, we hear how God has worked in others lives. It is our way of bringing the retreat experience into the world.

I'm sure there is a lot more, but I at least wanted to get these five down.

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