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Want a personal relationship with Christ?

Pray the Rosary

Most people have heard the expression: do you have a personal relationship with Christ?

It had been a while since I prayed the Rosary; around a month ago. My fiance, Christie, texted me that she was praying the Rosary this morning and I realized that I haven't prayed this wonderful prayer in a while, so I did.

I used to say the words of the Rosary daily. I say it that way because my prayer has always been done while driving to work, which isn't a bad thing, but it's hard to meditate on the mysteries of the life of Christ when you're also trying to pay attention on the road. You wouldn't have an important conversation with someone while you were driving a car!

So, in the quiet of the morning, I was able to spend some quality time praying the Rosary and meditating on the sorrowful mysteries. While meditating, it became very real how praying the Rosary is one of the most profound ways that we can have a "personal relationship with Jesus" because we enter into His life as we meditate on the mysteries! Often times, when I hear the words, "personal relationship with Jesus" it is in the midst of someone inviting Christ into their own personal life. It is inviting Christ in on our own terms.

Many people have a misconception about praying the Rosary. A lot of them think that we are merely praying the Hail Mary on beads. I have to tell you that often times the way I prayed the Rosary was just like the misconception. I was the one saying the words of the Rosary while my focus was on making sure I got to work on time. That is not a personal relationship.

If we wanted to get to know someone, wouldn't we want to know about their life? Wouldn't we want to enter into their joys and their suffering? Don't we want to share in Christ's glory, not merely the effect of Christ's glory in a post-resurrection world?

Do you have a personal relationship with Christ?

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