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Fidder's Dream - June 2nd

Second Set, Starting around 9:20 pm

I'm going to be playing at Fiddler's Dream on June *2*nd for the *2*nd set at 9:*2*0 pm. The first set is being played by Kevin Earnst from Flagstaff, Arizona.

This has been my favorite place to play at that is not a church. The first time I played there was with the Polk Street Band and it was a very crazy time! Every time after that, I've played there numerous times either solo or with friends.

Beyond playing there with the Polk Street Band, other times that were memorable was:

  • Playing with my parents there. They were in Las Vegas and I told them that if they got a one way ticket, I would drive them back. I also gave my dad a guitar that I built for him. I played that evening with Dr. Michael Robb.
  • Playing there the day after I was hit by a car while I was riding my bike. I played that evening with Miranda Peterson. My dad flew up right after hearing about the accident and he drove me around for a few weeks.

It is a place that has brought me so many great memories. I love being able to interact with people and to share my music with them.

For so long, my focus went to writing music that could be played in the Liturgy. I tried to write music that could be sung together and I tried to write in a way that catechized along with brought people into prayer. As such, most of my time playing has been for the Mass.

It's exciting to think about playing at Fiddler's Dream again because it gives me a chance to play some of the songs from the Polk Street Band days. I haven't sung many of those songs in a while.

I hope that you can make it out for the evening.

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