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Beautiful Me

The song I would want the world to hear

As a songwriter, there are songs that I wish the world could hear. It's interesting because I never really set out to write a song like this; it just happens.

At Fiddler's Dream recently, I played Beautiful Me and it brought back a lot of memories. I remember playing the song with the Polk Street Band many years ago. I remember playing the song at Cafe Fiat and having someone come up to me really touched by the song.

While the title sounds narcissistic, please don't judge the song by the title.

And so, I not present to you ... Beautiful Me:

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    I am a Catholic composer and musician. My compositions include music written for the Polk Street Band, a Mass setting (Mass of the Immaculate Conception) and Antiphon settings for the full year that are geared toward contemporary ensembles. As a musician, I am a bassist and guitarist for Catholic recording artists and bluegrass bands.