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On my desktop has been a list. I have been waiting for a time when I could actually do something about this list and it has just sat there ... since January. This has brought me to write about what it means to be a "failed" entrepreneur versus one that has built something that is sustainable.

So, here we begin. The list that I could have started expanding on but never did:

  • Stop thinking about your workspace and environment
  • Hire people who will help you versus people you want to help
  • Spending money takes time, which means you lose money twice
  • You hire a contractor to get work done. If it doesn't work, don't forget that your workload is still the same
  • Start off your business with a focus and a direction. Start off your morning with a focus and a direction. Start off your hour with a focus and a direction.
  • Half products aren't products (and, as you can see from this list, the same could be said about half lists ...)
  • If you can keep your clients accountable, you're free to keep yourself accountable
  • It's easier to manage more people. It's hard to manage one. It's a challenge to manage yourself.
  • Those who are a "jack of all trades, master of none" rarely get "master level" money

So, here's the list that sat on my desktop that was a "someday" item. If you have a list of "someday" items on your desktop, it's time to clear it off.

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