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Novena for Greg Thirkhill

Through the intercession of Cardinal Van Thuan

Hello everyone! We are trying to put together a 24-hour a day novena for the full recovery of Greg Thirkhill and for strength for the Thirkhill family. The novena will begin on Saturday, July 13th and end on Sunday, July 21st 2013.

We are imploring the intercession of Servant of God Cardinal Van Thuan, who is up beatification. We ask that a miracle can be done through his intercession.

Bishop Thomas Olmstead wrote, in regards to Cardinal Van Thuan:

"The heroic Vietnamese Archbishop, Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan, who was forced unjustly to spend 13 years in Communist prisons, 9 of these in solitary confinement, said that in that situation of seemingly utter hopelessness, what kept his hope alive was the fact that he could listen and speak to God. Still, his hope was constantly tested by his many years of total separation from human contact. During these times, Cardinal Van Thuan said he could find no words within his heart to cry out to God; and his mind was like a blank slate. The one thing that allowed him to continue praying was the Church's prayer. So, he would recite from memory, over and over, the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the prayers of the Sacred Liturgy. In these years of terrible suffering and darkness, he said that he learned how prayer must involve the intermingling of public and personal prayer; prayers that the Spirit stirs up within our hearts and prayers that the Church gives us in the Sacred Liturgy.

"Prayer truly is a school of hope. When we priests pray with our people, when we continue to pray in tragedy and in hardship, we help them and also ourselves to be wiser than despair."

To sign up, you can fill out the form:

There is the ability to select two times you can sign up for. Please note that the greater need will be for the hours from 10pm - 4am (AZ time) so it would be greatly appreciated for prayers during this time. The final schedule will be posted on Friday evening.

Here is the novena prayer that we will be praying:

Prayer for the Thirkhill Family
Dear Lord, please,
through the intercession of Cardinal Xavier Van Thuan,
we ask as one of the miracles toward his beatification
would be to help the Thirkhill family.
Pray the Lord grant full remission
of any effects of Greg Thirkhill's accident,
as well as complete and full healing and restoration
of all Thirkhill relationships.
Give complete recovery of Greg's body, mind, and soul
and full providence and financial coverage for his injuries,
as well as provision for any financial needs
accrued before, during, and after this accident.
Cover his wife, Ann, and their children
and make up for what is lacking, 100 fold!
Carry Ann and give her the R&R
and all the consolations she desires
in and through all of these hardships.
Grant her the wisdom, support and compassionate staff
she needs to know how to proceed
and abundant blessings in and through this situation
that aren't in disguise.
We ask all this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer for Beatification of Cardinal Van Thuan
O mighty and eternal God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
I offer thanks for giving to the Church
the heroic testimony
of Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyên Van Thuân.
The suffering he experienced in prison,
which he united with the crucified Christ
and commended to the maternal protection of Mary,
is for the Church and the world
a shining witness of unity and forgiveness,
and of justice and peace.
His loving person and his Episcopal ministry
radiate the light of faith,
the enthusiasm of hope and the warmth of love.
Now, my Lord,
through his intercession
and according to your will,
grant me the grace I am imploring
[for Greg Thirkhill's healing and for support for his family]
in the hope that he will soon be elevated
to the honour of sainthood.
Amen. (written by the Most Reverend Giampaolo Crepaldi)

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