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Music During Healing Adoration

Thoughts After Healing Adoration on Retreat

This past weekend, I attended a CRYS retreat and it was a very blessed time. It was amazing to see so many learn more about their Catholic faith. There were many who went to confession for the first time after a long period of being away from this wonderful Sacrament.

In the evening, after praying the Rosary, the chapel at Mount Claret was setup for "healing adoration," thanks to Deacon Jim Mickens. He did this at the last retreat as well. The concept is that the priest (or deacon) processes with the monstrance and people can come and "touch the tassels" of the priest's (or deacon's) garments. This is based on the scripture passage of the woman who touched Jesus' garment and her hemorrhaging was healed (Mark 5: 25-34). This was done over the past two CRYS retreats and I have to say that it was extremely powerful.

Although I was a retreatant on this retreat, I felt called to offer to do some music during adoration. The thought being that as each person came up, it could help people focus on still praising and adoring Jesus versus focusing on the next person who came up to touch Jesus' garments.

I really had no plan for the music, so I did what I could do off the top of my head. Here are a few of the songs that was done during this time (keep in mind, it was done very solemn):

Agnus Dei, Michael W. Smith
Beautiful to Be, Theo Tigno
Bread of Life, Michael John Poirier
Empty and Beautiful, Matt Maher (refrain only)
Here I Am to Worship, Tim Hughes
Holy is His Name, John Michael Talbot
Jesus Messiah, Chris Tomlin (refrain only)
Lay It Down, Matt Maher
Prepare the Way, Charlie Hall
Psalm 139 (Wonderfully Made), Danielle Rose
Sacred Heart Song, Michael John Poirier
We Fall Down, Chris Tomlin
You Are My King (Amazing Love), Billy Foote
You Never Let Go, Matt Redman (refrain only)
Your Grace is Enough, Matt Maher (very slow ... pre-chorus and chorus)

I wish I could remember the others but my memory fails me at this time. Thankfully, my memory didn't fail in remembering the chords and the lyrics.

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