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We Are The Church

Dedicated to Catholic Christians suffering persecution around the world, especially in the Middle East

Here's the newest song that I'm extremely excited about:

We Are The Church

The idea for this song has been brewing in my mind for a while. I thought about those who have to act against their conscience here in our country because the government. I thought about those who have to endure ridicule because of their stances on abortion and the definition of marriage. I even thought about the time we came out of a movie theater and someone ripped off our "Support Marriage" sticker.

Yet, the idea of the song took on a greater meaning when I heard about the persecution of Christians in Iraq. I saw the images of the horror and tyranny that is being inflicted from Islamic extremists on to Christians. I dared to see some of the images and it broke my heart.

The morning we wrote the song came after we prayed for those who are suffering persecution in the Middle East. We were praying the St. Michael Novena for them. It was that morning in which I decided that waiting to write this song has taken long enough.

This song is a reminder that our Church family has endured persecution and yet we still stand. We continue to be a home for the lost, the broken and the sick. We have sheltered those who are persecuted. We treasure the poor.

We are the Church.

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