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This music setting of the Third Edition of the Roman Missal has been approved by the USCCB and ICEL.
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Sometime in January 2011, I needed something to take with me to adoration (my hour is midnight to 1:00 am). So, I had a thought: why not take the new translation of the Roman Missal with me to adoration so that I can get a head start in learning the words. So, I brought the new Gloria with me.

Really quick "musing" note ... Many people love "praise and worship" and we love singing the songs. Yet, as I was praying with the words of the new Roman Missal, it struck me that these are the type of words that we should be praying to God with. It helps us keep a reverence when praying to God. It does not take away from the "personal relationship" but rather it seems to order our hearts to Who we are praying to. Okay, enough of my "musings" from my time praying with the new texts ...

While reading the Gloria, in an effort to enter into the text, I started imagining about the time the Gloria was sung by the angels: when Christ was born! As I started meditating on this, I started to imagine what type of song the angels could be singing. I imagined the anticipation that the angels were waiting with. I also meditated on a brief pause and then a joyful and jubilant "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to people of good will!!!"

The melody was stuck in my head for a while after that adoration. So, I started following that path. During this time, I had the Blessed Mother enthroned in my home (from the CRYS ministry; I hosted a Rosary night at my home). I truly believe that this setting came from the graces of hosting Our Blessed Mother. The whole mass parts were written from the time she was here until the time she made her way to the next home.

I posted a YouTube video a while ago when I was in the midst of composing it:

I also posted the chart of the settings. You need a password to access it, so if you're interested, please contact me. You can view it on Issuu if you wanted to try it out.

My original intent was not to post this. I felt that there were so many beautiful mass parts that have been written and approved already, and so adding another one would only cause more division. So, while I am grateful for the opportunity to write these settings out, I also know to keep this in context: it was great for me to learn about the new Roman Missal through this experience.

I also know that if I am ever for a loss of words, or if my prayer time in adoration feels like it is getting dry, I can sing the words of the new Roman Missal (which, if I'm in adoration, most likely in my head). These prayers have been around long before the current "praise and worship" texts. The faithful have been praying these words for centuries ... great Saints from prayed these words for centuries and we have the opportunity to pray these same words! We can pray in union with them before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, Who is the same, Yesterday, Today and Forever!

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to people of good will!

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  • From: theotigno

    I received an email yesterday stating ... "We are pleased to grant permission, free of charge, for the inclusion of ICEL material in your Mass setting ... " Praise God!

  • From: theotigno

    Praise God, this past week there were a few downloads and people requesting the password for these new settings of the new mass parts. I just wanted to send a quick message that I did make two changes: a descending bass line that I normally play in the Gloria, and adding a C chord before the final G chord in the Memorial Acclamation. So, if you downloaded this originally, feel free to download the new version.

    This version also has a new password (I forgot the old one). I apologize for any inconvenience.

  • From: theotigno

    The Mass of the Immaculate Conception has received approval from both the ICEL and the USCCB. Praise the Lord!

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