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  • Beautiful Me
    From the Polk Street Band Days - Post by Theo Tigno, 3/8/2012

    “A blast from the past ... ”

  • Resurrection Eggs
    A way for kids to learn more about the faith - Post by Theo Tigno, 3/7/2012

    “I am a co-director for an upcoming young adult retreat and, when the retreat is done, our team isgoing to help with the Easter egg hunt at ... ”

  • Missal Setting Website
    Download the Mass of the Immaculate Conception - Post by Theo Tigno, 3/1/2012

    “I recently setup ... ”

  • Ordinary Thoughts in Ordinary Time
    Ordinary Time Devotional Book - Post by Theo Tigno, 2/21/2012

    “http://www ... ”

  • Lenten Gospel Acclamation - USCCB Approved
    Approved one day before Ash Wednesday - Post by Theo Tigno, 2/21/2012

    “"Well, I know it's kinda late; I hope I didn't wake you ... ”

  • Gospel Acclamation for Lent
    ICEL Approved; Mass of the Immaculate Conception - Post by Theo Tigno, 2/9/2012

    “A parish in the Diocese of Gallup expressed interest in using the Mass of the Immaculate Conceptionrecently ... ”

  • A Proposal - The Healthcare Mandate
    Finding a unified response - Post by Theo Tigno, 2/7/2012

    “Prayer and Fasting ... ”

  • New Mass Setting ... New Lower Key
    Mass of the Immaculate Conception in E - Post by Theo Tigno, 12/26/2011

    “Here it is ... ”

  • Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
    Celebrating God through being the Savior of Mary - Post by Theo Tigno, 12/7/2011

    “http://www ... ”

  • Creating Charts - A Graphic Designers Way
    Using Finale PrintMusic with Adobe InDesign - Post by Theo Tigno, 11/30/2011

    “I was up in Farmington, NM for Thanksgiving, spending time with Christie's parents and sister ... ”

  • Tour de Poor
    Riding 100+ miles in Phoenix - Post by Theo Tigno and Christie Brown, 11/14/2011

    “What happens when you realize that you don't want to pay the money to enter the ... ”

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This website is for showcasing my compositions as well as a musician blog. For more information regarding my professional career, please visit my LinkedIn page.

About Me

I am a Catholic composer and musician. My compositions include music written for the Polk Street Band, a Mass setting (Mass of the Immaculate Conception) and Antiphon settings for the full year that are geared toward contemporary ensembles. As a musician, I am a bassist and guitarist for Catholic recording artists and bluegrass bands.