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  • God's Free Will
    Do We Respect His Free Will As Much As He Respects Ours - Post by Theo Tigno, 11/9/2011

    “"God doesn't demand from us, but rather gives us the free will ... ”

  • Mt. Claret Video Uploaded
    First Adoration + Music is online! - Post by Theo Tigno, 11/2/2011

    “http://www ... ”

  • New Missal Translation Musical Settings
    Learning New Settings - Post by Theo Tigno, 11/1/2011

    “A few of the parishes that I'm a music minster at have already begun implementing the new mass partsfrom the Third Edition of the Roman Missal ... ”

  • Recap from Last Week
    Adoration + Music ... Better Than Expected - Post by Theo Tigno, 10/31/2011

    “Last Monday night was the first ever "Adoration + Music" with the new songs ... ”

  • Tonight: Adoration + Music
    This is the first time using the format - Post by Theo Tigno, 10/24/2011

    “Tonight @ Mt ... ”

  • Advent is Coming!
    Looking Forward to the New (Liturgical) Year - Post by Theo Tigno, 10/21/2011

    “I have often thought about going back and using previous ... ”

  • Maggie's Place Video
    Instrumental background track - Post by Theo Tigno, 10/18/2011

    “http://youtu ... ”

  • Adoration + Music Date Set: 10/24/11
    Mt. Claret Chapel in Phoenix AZ - Post by Theo Tigno, 10/17/2011

    “Monday, October 24th 2011Mt ... ”

  • Now on Feedburner
    You can subscribe to this blog a number of ways - Post by Theo Tigno, 10/11/2011

    “A few clients who use this "blog / news" application have asked for a way for people to subscribe toit via RSS ... ”

  • Adoration + Music Format
    The first draft is ready! - Post by Theo Tigno, 10/10/2011

    “While I was in adoration recently, I was inspired with a format for using the RESTORED album toenter into prayer ... ”

  • Asking the Right Question
    Are the prayers we're praying holding us back? - Post by Theo Tigno, 10/7/2011

    “Happy Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary ... ”

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This website is for showcasing my compositions as well as a musician blog. For more information regarding my professional career, please visit my LinkedIn page.

About Me

I am a Catholic composer and musician. My compositions include music written for the Polk Street Band, a Mass setting (Mass of the Immaculate Conception) and Antiphon settings for the full year that are geared toward contemporary ensembles. As a musician, I am a bassist and guitarist for Catholic recording artists and bluegrass bands.